thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization of a dual loop

Thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization of a dual loop

In this study, a six-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged, intercooled CNG engine is chosen as the topping cycle. The main performance parameters of the CNG engine are listed in Table 2.The schematic diagram of the dual loop ORC system including a HT cycle and a LT cycle is shown in Fig. 1.The HT cycle is designed to recover the exhaust energy, while the LT cycle is used to recover the waste heat

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modelling and simulation analysis of an orc-fpc waste heat

Modelling and simulation analysis of an ORC-FPC waste heat

An ORC-FPC was proposed to recover the waste heat of exhaust gas. • Effects of S p /S c and output pressure of nature gas on ORC-FPC were investigated.. S p /S c value of 2.5:1 and low output pressure benefitted the performance of the system.

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waste heat recovery -

Waste Heat Recovery -

RD&D to advance waste heat recovery technologies. Technology needs are identified in two broad areas: 1) extending the range of existing technologies to enhance their economic feasibility and recovery efficiency, and 2) exploring new methods for waste heat recovery, especially for unconventional waste heat sources. Acknowledgement

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thermin power - waste heat recovery systems, boilers, hot

Thermin Power - Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Boilers, Hot

"Thermin Power" Group is rapidly expanding in the waste heat recovery systems and custom based energy conversation solutions. We proud to contribute global energy saving task. We are operating from India on a 24/7 basis for global clients to provide the Best and Economical energy saving solutions.

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waste heat recovery systems market - apac industry

Waste Heat Recovery Systems Market - APAC Industry

The waste heat recovery system market is expected to grow two-fold between2014 and2020. Currently, Europe is the largest market in the global waste heat recovery systems, accounting for around 35-40% share of the global market.

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waste heat recovery system for fuel cell system

Waste heat recovery system for fuel cell system

Meanwhile they lose a lot waste heat to the cooling system or exhaust gas. Recovering the waste heat in fuel cell system might increase the system efficiency. In this paper, different methods are presented for the heat recovery in fuel cell systems. The first method is to use waste heat for fuel reforming processes in fuel cell systems.

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waste heat recovery considerations in lng plants | aiche

Waste Heat Recovery Considerations in LNG Plants | AIChE

Apr 02, 2012 · WASTE HEAT RECOVERY CONSIDERATIONS IN LNG PLANTS. ABSTRACT. DOUGLAS WILES, RYAN HOLLENBACH & STANLEY KWAN. Thermal integration in an LNG plant improves its overall thermal efficiency. Thermally integrated plants tend to have lower operating costs and reduced environmental emissions including, CO, CO 2, and NO x.

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waste heat recovery unit after gas turbines

Waste Heat Recovery Unit after gas turbines

Alfa Laval’s Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) optimized for recovering waste heat after gas turbines. Application The waste heat recovery unit recovers thermal energy in the waste heat from the gas turbine exhaust gas, enabling generation of hot water, saturated steam or superheated steam. The WHRU is also capable of heating up thermal oil

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waste heat recovery resource page | department of energy

Waste Heat Recovery Resource Page | Department of Energy

Jan 24, 2017 · It is estimated that between 20 to 50% of industrial energy input is lost as waste heat in the form of hot exhaust gases, cooling water, and heat lost from hot equipment surfaces and heated products. As the industrial sector continues efforts to improve its energy efficiency, recovering waste heat losses generate cost savings, reduces environmental impact, and improves work flow and productivity.

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waste heat to power — genalta power

Waste Heat to Power — Genalta Power

The following are some applications of waste heat to power generation opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry utilizing the Genalta Energy Management (GEM) ™ System: Gas Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery. Gas turbine driven compressors are used to ensure that the natural gas flowing through major pipelines remains pressurized.

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performance analysis of exhaust waste heat recovery system

Performance analysis of exhaust waste heat recovery system

B. Yao [16]designed a dual loop Organic Rankine Cycle system for waste heat recovery of a heavy-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) engine, in which cycle R245fa was used as the working fluid.

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waste heat recovery - alfa laval

Waste heat recovery - Alfa Laval

A key component in waste heat recovery is the heat exchanger. The profitability of an investment in waste heat recovery depends heavily on the efficiency of heat exchangers and their associated life cycle costs (purchase, maintenance, etc). Different designs All these factors vary considerably between different heat exchanger technologies.

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opf waste heat recovery systems | optimized proces

OPF Waste Heat Recovery Systems | Optimized Proces

At OPF, we've been designing Waste Heat Recovery Units for offshore, onshore, and hydrocarbon processing industry projects since 1972. A Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) is an energy recovery heat exchanger that captures the waste heat from a combustion process, typically turbine exhaust, and uses it effectively in another process.

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waste heat recovery systems - borsig

Waste Heat Recovery Systems - BORSIG

Every process gas waste heat recovery system manufactured by BORSIG Process Heat Exchanger GmbH is designed exactly in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements and is provided with special design features for the various operating conditions and applications. The process gas waste heat recovery systems can be used for gas

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thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization of a dual loop

Thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization of a dual loop

Downloadable (with restrictions)! In this paper, a thermoeconomic model of a dual loop organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system has been developed to analyze both the thermodynamic and economic performance of several working fluid groups for the purpose of compressed natural gas (CNG) engine waste heat recovery. The effects of six key parameters on the thermoeconomic indicators of the dual loop ORC

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waste heat recovery systems market - global industry

Waste Heat Recovery Systems Market - Global Industry

Waste heat recovery units (WHRUs) or heat to power units could recover the waste heat and transform it into electricity by using, for example, an organic Rankine cycle (ORC). Any exhaust gas stream with temperatures above 250°F has the potential for significant waste heat recovery.

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advances in waste heat recovery systems for gas engines

Advances in Waste Heat Recovery Systems for Gas Engines

Advances in Waste Heat Recovery Systems for Gas Engines 01-2433 The paper presents a novel concept of very efficient transportation engines for operation with CNG, LNG or LPG. The combustion system permits mixed diesel/gasoline-like operation changing the load by quantity of fuel injected and modulating the premixed and diffusion

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waste heat recovery system - linkedin slideshare


Sep 08, 2016 · WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM 1. WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM 2. INTRODUCTION The primary source of waste heat of a main engine is the exhaust gas heat dissipation , which accounts for about half of the total waste heat, i.e. about 25% of the total fuel energy. the exhaust gas temperature is relatively low after the turbocharger, and just high enough for producing the …

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boilers, hot water generators, supplier, services, india

Boilers, Hot Water Generators, Supplier, Services, India

The Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery Boilers, Hot Water Generator, ,Waste Heat Recovery Boiler etc. dispatched from our end are ensured to be flawless and matching the global quality standards. For this purpose, we make use of only premium grade inputs and ultramodern machines in …

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waste heat recovery systems | energy recovery solutions

Waste Heat Recovery Systems | Energy Recovery Solutions

Waste Heat Recovery Systems. The escalating cost of energy combines with the need for reduced CO2 emissions to demand more efficient energy recovery solutions, particularly in applications that consume a large amount of energy. One solution that can be effective is the recovery of energy from waste heat.

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